Beers getting more carbonated

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I have found my beers become way over carbed and find a few become gushes after sitting in the garage for a few months. I am thinking that it is the heat of the afternoon sun that could be doing it as everything else is fine. What do you guys think, does the hot temps increase carbonation levels after a few months conditioning....

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First, Is your beer finished fermenting when you bottle it? If you leave any sugars in the wort than they will carbonate along with your priming sugars. Also this is a problem that I had when I started. I put in the required sugars for bottling but I didn't have a even 5 gallons of wort so I was over carbonated because of 4.5? gallons instead of 5.0! Also you have to stir it in and mix up the priming sugar well for even carbonating!
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Beers getting more carbonated

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Also make sure you give your beer a good stir to make sure all the priming sugar is mixed in properly. Just be carefull not to aerate the beer. I had trouble with 2 batches were the ones I bottled later were gushers but the early ones were fine. After I started stirring the beer after adding the sugar I've had no problems.

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Just an update
I did a quick check of my temp control box probe. It was telling me the temp was 5 degrees warmer than what the actual temp is, therefore I think the beers were not fermenting out. Time for a new stc 1000
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