Site Structure - Where to be Formal & Where to Relax

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All brewers, new and experienced, are encouraged to particpate in this site provided they read all topics in Essentials and Important Notices.

[center]Site Structure - Where to be Formal & Where to Relax[/center]

The most important forum for new site members is and BIAB for New Members. It is the first forum where a BIABrewer should become active. It is a relaxed forum where you will initially be welcomed, get to know the site and other brewers.

The Five Major Sections of the Site Are... is laid out into five major sections which contain individual forums.

Collect Your Site Keys Here (Formal)

This is the section you are in now. It is a formal part of the site as it is essential reading for all. It is made up 3 forums, all of which are locked which means you cannot start new topics in them. Some topics however you are able to reply to.

It is expected that all BIABrewers read and stay up to date with this section. To enable this, all BIABrewers should subscribe to the three forums. For instructions on how to subscribe to a forum or topic, read, How to Subscribe to a Forum or a Topic.

BIABrewer Bar - Pull up a seat and relax (Mostly relaxed)

This is mostly an informal section and is where you can relax on or into the site. The prime focus of this section is to provide a place where everyone can communicate with well-intentioned spirit. In other words, you can relax here as long as you are well-intentioned. This site runs on enthusiasm so there is actually no section for posts that are not productive in their intention.

This section consists of six forums mostly self-explanatory with one exception. As mentioned above, all new site members, even those with forum or brewing experience, should initially actively particpate in and BIAB for New Members before they get too relaxed in the Intermediate or Old Hands sections. Getting to know and help the people who join at the same time as you serves everyone well.

BIAB Brewing Methods, Equipment, Recipes & Research (More Formal)

This section is fully BIAB-focussed. Here you can learn and discuss different BIAB methods and equipment, read or contribute recipes and read up on or contribute to research projects. When posting here, it needs to be kept in mind that many brewers will be searching these sections and will require quality information so topics in this section need to remain focussed.

Other Brewing Methods (More formal)

This section covers a wide range of brewers starting from those who have never brewed a beer before through to those who use software to automate the brewing process. Some BIABrewers do both, "traditional," and BIAB brews. Some traditional brewers are simply passionate about all types of brewing. These brewers will help any others understand the differences and similiarities of traditional and BIAB brewing. This section has benefits and a culture similiar to the previous section and should be treated in a similiar manner.

General Brewing Skills (Most Formal)

The last section is for very specific questions, answers and discusions on brewing. It should be considered as formal and, even if answering a question from a brewer you know well, you should keep your posts formal. This is purely information and is one of the sections we advise people to search first.

If any of the above is not clear, remember that you can always press the I Need Help button [EDNOTE: Needs link once set up.]


All brewers, new and experienced, are encouraged to particpate in this site provided they read all topics in Essentials and Important Notices.
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