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I wonder if anyone can help me? I have bought some swing top bottle fasteners with metal strips to be able to use with any bottle but I cannot get the metal strips tight around the bottle neck, so the top is not secure. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance
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Re: swing top enclosures

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Looks like nobody has answered you... For me the answer is "no". Haven't used this style of bottle since the old days, but never had problems re-using to bottle beer. If yours do not fit properly, I wonder if they were damaged or something...? :scratch:
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Re: swing top enclosures

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not sure I understand the problem? have you got any photos? do you mean you can't get the little metal bits to locate in the recesses in the side of the bottle or do you mean that you can, but that that it still won't seal properly?
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Re: swing top enclosures

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I bought these ages ago. Waste of space.

Essentially you retrofit a collar around any bottle with a dimpled metal strip, which can secure the flip top stopper in place without having to drill pits in the bottle or anything.

Then after destroying your hands, with 5 of them done, you look at how uneven they have gone onto the bottles and wonder about how well they can withstand any pressure.

Thats the point where you realise that you have been had.

Wing cappers are pretty cheap, even good ones, and crown caps protect the beer long term better.

If you desperately need flip tops, over any other form of stopper, go buy some. Or keep hoarding them.
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