Fast ferment test and a PP trick

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Recently I picked up on something new I have never done until now. I got interested in the low oxygen brewing website and picked up another (cold side tip).

Ever since I have been pressure fermenting I have been just letting it ferment all the way it would go, then at FG do the closed transfer to a serving keg thing. I lost my last double batch (yes all 10 gallons) when air was sucked in due to worn out corny keg post o-rings. So to never repeat that again, it's advised to transfer when there is still remaining extract left, at least 1 °Pluto / 4 gravity points. This is the link that they provided; ... rment_Test I did this test using bread yeast.

Also (this deserves its own thread) used one of PistolPatch's tricks, the old put a hydro jar in the fermenter chamber to monitor its progress trick. I had evaporation over time, but when I topped it back up with water I got accurate results.

This is my result

Good double check with my refractometer

These two allowed me to make the right decision for the go-ahead transfer. :smoke:
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