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I created a yeast starter with Wyeast 3724.
I brewed a Saison and tried pressure fermenting at 90F = 32C with a spunding valve set at 10psi; big mistake.
Wyeast recommend fermenting at this temperature.
It started out OK but then went for a week and 2 days of no fermentation and developed a horrible taste.
Then I learned Wyeast 3724 does not like Pressure.
So I transferred the 2 corny kegs to 2 fermentation buckets i.e. no pressure
Kept the temperature at 90F = 32C controlled with a STC1000 but it was still dead after quite a few days.
In one bucket I pitched Safale s-04 and in the other I pitched WLP005 at 66F =18C
One bucket got to an FG of 1.006 and the other got to 1.012
I cold crashed both buckets and added gelatin.
I kegged them separately and added Co2
Both the Corny kegs have an Astringency taste i.e. wet tea bag come horrible taste but they have not been infected.
Both Corny kegs have not cleared.
Does anybody know what I can do.
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Re: Please Help Bad Taste

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Hello, Phillip321.

I see that you have a number of questions here. The bad taste is (to me) the most important - the complex equipment you describe here and in other posts is far beyond my experience in BIAB brewing: kettle, bag, hopsack, bucket, wide-mouth glass carboy, gravity transfer hoses followed by bottles. Temperature is measured and crudely controlled, but mostly ambient after pitching. 100+ batches experience, none tossed, so far.

Wyeast 3724 is found here (the source) and an example using it here: ... ctually-do Looks like your outcome is reasonable.

Have you experience with farmhouse ale yeasts before this batch?

I have made several batches with three different Kveik yeasts, fermented at ~32 ºC (90 ºF) not pressurized, and they all had the typical farmhouse funk with other (redeeming) interesting flavor contributions. Belgian ale yeast fermented at lower temperatures in my hands does give the Bergamot (tea flavor) but not the same degree of funk as Kveiks. As described by Wyeast, the rate of fermentation changes downward, but is supposed to finish, eventually, and a supplemental addition of another yeast is mentioned. You did what was called for.

It doesn't look like you did anything wrong. If WY 3724 doesn't like pressure, I suppose it could lead to a more intense flavor you do not like, but it would probably be there in smaller dosage anyway without pressure during fermentation.

How patient can you be? One of my Lutra batches took 6 weeks (post bottling) to mellow out to a fair result. A raw ale was also fun to make, but I'm not repeating that recipe. So, unless this batch is different from an earlier one with the same yeast and conditions were similar, you got what the yeast will give you. Wait and see.

Maybe we just don't find the funk as desirable as others do.
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