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Thanks for letting me know Nick :salute:

As a quick fix, I'm hoping you can select/copy your draft and then paste it into a new post? Please let me know if that works.

As for a permanent fix, after spending about a billion dollars and the same amount of hours on the site...

The good news is: I'm a bit more savvy now on the IT side. In the past, I've tried to solve a lot of IT stuff myself (and that has been good, probably necessary experience) or I've paid for a solution. I don't like bothering other people for answers because, in the past, any problem I had I assumed was due to my own ignorance. In other words, all I needed to do was study more. I've gradually realised that I'm not as stupid as I thought I was....

The bad news is: I now know that IT is very compartmentalised and very sensitive (many "moving" parts). For example, a few weeks back I did bother [mention]NME[/mention] . He's always more than willing to help but I hate bothering him. It took him some hard work to solve the puzzle I sent him and there's still some bits left to solve.

The Main Aim

Now I know that getting the IT things working perfectly is not possible for one person, I'm working on separating the areas so as some members can volunteer and say, "Yes, I can maintain that area."

On a personal note, for about four months now, I've felt very lethargic and unable to concentrate no matter how much sleep I've had. On some days I've slept for 20 hours! I've experienced this once or twice before. It's only this week though that we've found, hopefully, it's a weird thing where you don't get enough deep sleep. In other words, the answer to sleeping too much is to take a sleeping tablet! :dunno:

Anyway, looking forward to getting back into it and making things happen as best as we can.

For now, it's reporting stuff like you've done [mention]Inconceivable[/mention] that really makes a difference.

Are you a "Goodwill Brewer?" Pay forward and Buy Some BIPs ;)
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