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Hi all

I have an electric pot (in picture). The integrated, not immersed, heating element should be 1800W.
Pot diameter is 36.5cm, height is 28cm.
Normally I produce 12 liters of beer.

The problem is that the boiling phase isn't so vigorous.
In order to speed the such process I can use the lid. My lid has a hole of 10cm diameter.
So here my questions
1)can I use the lid to speed up the start of boiling?
2)can I use the lid during the boiling phase? Can the hole helps for DMS release?
3) In case the lid cannot be used and I should consider change the heating element.
I found for example an heating element like this (500W) ... pW2rela__c
using together 1800W+500W is equal to 2300W or this doesn't work for heating element?


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Re: Increase heating power

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Hi there Angelo,

Sorry about the slow reply. Oops!

You can leave the lid on to get to boiling point faster. You mention that your lid has a 10 cm hole in it. If so, then you could leave the lid on during the boil as that is enough of an opening to allow volatiles to escape but, I would also float a stainless steel bowl on the wort. This reduces the surface area which in turn increases the vigour which will help to pump those volatiles out.

From the pics, one other thing I'd keep my eye on is cleanliness. For example, where the 10 cm hole is, that is a rough cut-out so it can harbour bacteria etc so even though the wort is being boiled, be extra careful when transferring out of the kettle to avoid getting near any rough bits.

I'm not up on electric brewing sorry but I think having two elements is fine as long as your circuit can handle them both.

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