Pumpkin in the mash

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I've had a look around, and can't find the answer to this question.

I am trying to convert the Pumpkin Spice Ale recipe from Brewing Classic Styles using biabacus. In the all grain option section, the book suggests that you can add pumpkin and rice hulls to the mash. How do I do this in biabacus? Do I add them as grain and adjust in section Y? If so, what values would I be using? I assume the pumpkin is adding some fermentables to the wort, as the recipe says to reduce the grain if using pumpkin.

Thanks for any help

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That's a difficult question to answer (correctly anyway)!

I believe pumpkin adds very little fermentables to your brew, there will be some but it will depend on the product.
I don't have BCS so am unsure of their recipe, but if it is tinned pumpkin, it should let you know the sugar content maybe?
If it is fresh produce then....??? :scratch:

I did a pumpkin ale a few years back and looking at my BIABacus file I set the ppg to about 1 (as it was fresh pumpkin).
I set this in section "Y" as you mentioned. about 40 FGDB, and 95 MC. If you know the sugar content of yours let us know.

## I have never used rice hulls, so using them in the BIABAcus would be a guess, but maybe try making the FGDB 0.1, and the MC 0.
The reasoning here is that you want the software to know there is something going in the mix but adds no fermentables.
That should keep the sugar values correct and the volumes i.e. VOM correct too.

## - However, if you are BIAB with a good (or proper) BIAB voile bag, there should be no need for rice hulls.
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