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Post #1 made 5 years ago
Thats my first Biab done without recirculation.
a simple batch :-
Pale 4kg
Munich1 0.5kg
Mash 65DegC
Galaxy 30g at 70mins
Galaxy 30g at 0mins
Wai-iti 30 at 0mins
Dry Hop 20 for 4 days

I have some interesting numbers, because I found my self short of soft water I mashed with 20 litres and dunk sparged with 10 litres of hot tap water.

After lifting the grain bag but prior to sparging.
15litres in kettle 1.060 SG 63% Eff

After dunk sparging a sample was caught dripping from grain bag.
10litres sparge 1.020 SG 14% Eff

Sparge added to kettle.

After boil.

21litres 1.051 SG 76% Eff.

All in all easy enough to do but I had to add heat and stir twice.

09:25 66.4DegC
09:50 64.0DegC Heated to 65.8DegC
10:35 64.7DegC Heated to 65.8DegC

ATB aamcle
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Post #2 made 5 years ago
That's an interesting electric control box, did you make that too?

I'm all set for non-recirculating too, now that I have my temperature probe mounted through the kettle wall.

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Post #3 made 5 years ago
I put the box together to run a Nextgen BM clone, the section on the left runs the on/off pump cycle that BMs require, the other functions are PWM and PID and there is a switch to choose between them.

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