Vanilla stout

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Hi guys I've been having a blast trying different recipes since you guys got me going with BIAB and I've always fancied brewing a vanilla stout it's a bit of speciality beer and I suppose seasonable winter type beer for some but I would happily drink it all year round.
I'm not 100% sure if I've done it correctly but I cut my two Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods down the middle, carefully peeled them open and scraped out the flesh, I then finely chopped the remainder of the pods and added everything to 100ml of vodka to marinade. The plan is to add the vodka to secondary fermenter along with the beer of course and cold crash it for a week or two. Has anyone else brewed this beer and how did it go?
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Re: Vanilla stout

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Hello @hoptician

Apparenly nobody has brewed a vanilla stout before... ;) Let us know how it goes.

I've heard of brewing things like that, but am much more traditional. Lots of hoppy European style pilsners and lagers, American Pale Ale and IPA (mostly Hazy-ish, late hop addition style), along with an occasional Dry Irish Stout. Probably 2/3 lager and 1/3 ale. Keep 5 beers on tap normally.

Best of luck, and for sure do post to let us know how it went. Scott :luck:
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Re: Vanilla stout

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Hi Scott it turned out very nice indeed 2 vanilla pods scraped out, finely chopped and added to 100ml of vodka to marinate for a few days seems to be the sweet spot for a 19L batch not too over powering but complimenting the roasted flavours of the stout it's best to strain the vodka through a hop straining bag adding it to the fermented beer.
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