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Lots of people say that it will lose carbonation as it warms up, but I think it's a load of crap.

Theoretically, it will lose carbonation as it warms, but the co2 coming out of suspension has nowhere to go because it is in a sealed container (keg).

So any co2 that comes out of suspension when it is warmed will be held in the head space of the keg and re-absored when it is chilled.
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Just backing up what hashie is saying long as you keep a positive pressure on the keg, your beer will be fine until next time you chill it down and serve it.
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About three years ago I transported two kegs across Australia
(Gold Coast to Sydney to Perth) during summer over a period of a month. I expected them to both be undrinkable as the temperature in my van often got to over 50 C.

On arriving in Perth, I tried the lager first and couldn't believe it actually tasted great!!! Full of confidence, I then tasted the ale and nearly died. I have no idea why I didn't stop and smell it first :?.

In hindsight, I suspect that what the guys above are saying is true. Perhaps the lager keg retained its pressure whilst the ale keg may have had a leak?

I'm certainly glad I didn't throw the beer out before I left QLD as this "experiment" was quite most surprising.

Give it a bash and see how you go!
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The same can be said for bottles right?? So long as they are stored properly?
I'm always a bit touchy about buying warm/cold beers from the bottle shop depending on what I'm going to do with them.
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long term storage above 65F will cause a delta shelf life decrease! it has happened to me with kegs only lasting a few months, then near the end taste leaning towards not so tasty. try not to swap warm-cold-warm-cold a bunch of times either.
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