A Tale of 2 Pilsners...Bitterness, Tinseth estimates, etc.

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I have two batches of Pilsner on tap now (among 6 total on tap...lots, too much to brew more right now). Some interesting notes in bitterness, and at least calculated bitterness with our BIABacus and it's Tinseth formula. Reviewing Lumpy's Post this morning made me think about this...

Tale of 2 Pilsners:
1) Czech Pilsner - supposed to have IBU of around 40. Instead of Saaz (CZ or US), used Sterling hops (US) - 100%. Sterling is supposed to be very similar. Tastes like it has some Citrus in it, from the Hop selection, and tastes not bitter enough. A good hop no doubt, but not Saaz. In future I will use it in a blend of other hops. I wrote about this and what I thought was underhopped beer in another post about 3 months ago. Renamed it Sterling Bohemian Lager, as the name seemed to fit better.  ;)  
2) German Pilsner - used A BUNCH of American hops similar to / bred from noble hop varieties, for flavor additions at the end. Examples used include Santiam (FWH, 10 min, 0 min), Liberty (5 min), Mount Hood (75 min and 15 min)...and a tiny amount of Magum at 75 min. So did FWH, 75, 15, 10, 5, and 0. Was able to clear out remnants of hops I had on hand. DOUBLED UP on flavor hop additions, trying to experiment with getting extra Hop flavor without added bitterness in a beer around 38 IBUs per Tinseth and BIABacus. Finish product was a little too hoppy! 

Geeman Pils was also a tad low on body, but the Sterling Bohemian Lager was pretty big on body... Blending them roughly 50/50 makes a much better Pilsner - to my taste and others - than either by itself. So am glad I have the two to blend because by doing so they make a really nice beer!  :drink:

I haven't paid for IBU testing but plan to. I've been using my IBU correction estimation formula. Remember from several months ago, the post on IBU Test and the other on Do Hops Lose AA Even With Proper Storage? I've been using my most recent version of the Excel file that estimates AA drop over time, and am convinced it is a help - that beers are closer to where they are supposed to be with using an adjustment than without adjustment. Interesting stuff... Will post results after the most recent round of AA testing, calculated vs. actual, once I submit it and receive results.  :smoke: 
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