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The standard method of creating a yeast starter is boil a pre determined quantity of water for 15-20 mins, add dme, cool and pitch the smack pack. My question is; if I use UV sterilised water can I forgo the 15 min boil. My water supply is from a rain water tank which passes through a 4 stage filter including uv light before we drink it.

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The short answer is yes, you can use sterilized water directly. The caveat is that you must have confidence that it is truly sterilized water.
Certain other assumptions must be made - like the Diastatic Malt Extract (DME) and all that it touches are clean of potential problems (including scoops & stirrers).
One could put the DME into this water or any other water and then boil and cool the combination before pitching and make it like a tiny batch of sweet liquor (no hops) for the yeast. The difference being that the DME has been boiled.
There are differences in the words we use for cleanliness - sanitized is not the same as sterilized, and unless you have an autoclave, it is probably not truly sterile. UV light treatment systems work well enough for drinking water. How clean is clean enough? Try to err on the good side.
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