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This stabilizer lowers my water pH from around 7 to 5 according to the pH-indicator strips. My results for beginner BCS recipes have been good. I think more advanced recipes will require greater attention to water chemistry.
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Oldgit - just search for stabiliser or stabilizer and you will find it has been discussed to some extent previously. :thumbs:

This Post from Pat highlights some pitfalls with that product.
The problem seems to be that some love it & some hate it.


This Thread from another forum highlights why people dislike it, and that includes the "Bru'n water" Martin Brungard.
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It will work in full-volume brewing (pure BIAB) in some waters but not others.

Your first step is to buy a pH roll (see bottom of this page) and see what pH your mashes are currently at.

If too high, then use acidulated malt or something like phosphoric acid to get your pH right. Get the pH strips first though and do the measurements. Water adjustments are something you should usually creep into slowly.
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