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Hey all!
Anyone heading to GABS Melbourne this weekend?
I'm catching the redeye tonight in order to be there for Cooper's - so come seek me out (I will be the girl in the apron)!
I will be pouring delicious brews at both sessions daily.
Oh, and if you see me, please call me Brucey!
~ S.W. :peace:

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Hey Brucey, I wondered what happened to you! Was actually pondering that several days ago. Be safe...and the brew fest sounds like fun. :drink: Glad to hear you are still alive. ;)
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GABS was an amazing!
Glad to be alive...
Glad to be home!
I had only a small sample of what was on offer - see here - can you blame me?
GABS will continue this weekend in Sydney, but meanwhile, some very interesting titles were awarded last Thursday night at the AIBAs, which you can read more about here ... nners_2017
Apparently there were some stocktake issues at the Cooper's stand, but hey, what can you expect?
Time to start organizing RPBS entries now!
Cheers :drink:
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~ S.W. :peace:

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Great post thanks Sarah and great to have those beers in Freo on Wednesday and hear more details of your adventure!

And, a timely reminder about the Royal Show.

The Crafty Pint link you gave above, I only just read now. All members will find bits of it interesting and Aussies will find all of it interesting. Nice to see Balter XPA have that win - one of the few new beers I had in the last year that struck me immediately. Also, a lot of beers mentioned I have not heard of, let alone tried so we better organise a tasting here and correct that.

Check your email when you finish work - we're brewing Tuesday :drink: :whistle:
If you have found the above or anything else of value on, consider supporting us by getting some BIPs!
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