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Hi beer4, I see no one has replied yet. I'm sure there's some tassie members around here somewhere, but if we can help answer any questions in the meantime feel free to ask.
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Gday beer4, I've been using a cheapy $100 44 litre electric urn for just over a year now, knocked out 19 before the element died. Compared to a $300 Crownie, that's about five bucks a brew, so I got another one :)
Slowly accumulating more stuff like a mill, grain & hops bulk buys, yeast stepping & temp control. Just got a real cheap fridge & a chest freezer, a keg & gas. Yep, sure is a great time & cost saver this home brew caper ;)
There's also a couple of brew clubs, Lonnie & Hobart, with a range of brewers from kits & bits to 3 vessel. Regular meetings, comps, talks by 'proper' brewers, case swaps etc. It's a pretty friendly bunch. Let me know if you're interested & I'll send you some info.
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