Any Canberra brewers here?

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Hello All.

I havent made a brew yet.
Im still researching BIAB and not sure what i would like to make.
I was wondering if there was anyone in or near Canberra ACT to give me a quick tutorial with there BIAB,Ive read alot but would li,ke to see what actualy happens.
May be a out there question but i would really like to learn properly.


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fongas, are you wanting start on the stovetop or will you be doing larger batch sizes? There are some good videos we could link you to depending on what you are chasing.

I see your topic title has benc hanged to include the word Canberrs so you have a bit more luck now. If you don't though, have a Google for Canberra brewers. I'm pretty sure there is a big home brew club there.

Welcome to the forum :peace:.
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Any Canberra brewers here?

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I'm an ex canberran and have been doing BIAB for about a year and am helping a mate who lives in Canberra get set up.

I'm planning a trip down in august to help him with his first brew day so could probably do a demo then if you can't sort something out sooner.

There's definitely a big brew club in Canberra you could get in touch with through this website

It is well worth seeing someone else brew to demystify the process. It really is quite simple but I only had the confidence to give it a go after watching a demo.

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I would be happy to meet up,Also if i could come see a demo with the person you have found would be great.

Bungbrew,Also would be good to meet up with you aswell if interested.

Contrarian,If you would like some more eyes i would be interested in talking to you aswell.

Thanks for all the replys.

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Hi guys, formerly from Canberra, will be back for holidays in October and if possible I'd love to do a brew swap?!? I'm only new to this bit should have a few brews done by then, have done K&K for eight years or so.. I only have one guy half an hour away that does BIAB at present. Hoping to bring a six pack of tallies on the plane, couple to share with the dad in-law and bro in-law and maybe four to swap/taste with you guys?
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Hi guys,

I guess I'm a Canbrewer. *groan* As a relatively new dad, i have to test out my new found Dad-joke skill somewhere.

I haven't yet pumped out a BIAB brew, but have a good number of kit and kilo brews under my belt, and have more recently started playing around with additions, which made me thing that the jump to all-gran BIAB was a good idea.

So far I have an urn, and a some plans, but thats about it. So I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help to watch, but just thought I'd jump in and put my hand up and get know around these parts. :)

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Welcome to the forum mate.

I'm in Canberra at least once a year, so I'd be keen to catch up with you guys one trip and maybe have a beer swap, or even better just sit around and drink our brews.
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Hey all, just thought I'd put this out here, as some of you might find it of interest.

I emailed Colin from Brew Your own at Home, i Kambah a week or so ago, and he mentioned to me that they're conducting a BIAB demo at the shop at 10.00 on Sunday the 16th November. A bloke by the name of Damon Young is doing it and will bring along some beer made by that method. It’s free and there’s no need to book.

I was planning on being all over this like [something amusing that I can't think of right now] but unfortunately,. it looks like I will have some rellies visiting that weekend, so might not be able to make it.

if anyone does, end up going, you might find you're soon moved to the position of 'master' and teaching a new apprentice (me) how it all works. :D

For the record, I'm still a BIAB virgin, and have spent the last few months slowly building up my equipment in anticipation for a first brew. I think I'm all set up now, or will be once I put this ball valve on my urn and a few more ebay parcels arrive, s this was going to be timed nicely. Unfortunately thats never the case. :)
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