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Re: Brulosophy Vienna Lager

Hello shetc , I saw your post a few days ago but forgot to review in detail or respond... PistolPatch would be the best deciphering which recipe has integrity and which does not. Or perhaps ShorePoints or one of the other experienced brewers on here may have additional input. I think most recipes ha...

Re: My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered

Welcome to the forum Cam . You came to the right place. You should see some links to the BIABacus file a few posts up, along with one to the Clear Brewing Terminology page as well. I have scaled many a brew from the BCS book and you will have no problem doing this as well. Let us know if anything is...

Re: Year old Yeast

Nice to hear it worked out for you.

Probably would say, you can sometimes make year old yeast a pinch, if cannot get new yeast. And yes with multiple step starters. But probably not the best practice if a homebrewer can get fresh yeast.

Good job! Thanks for letting us know. :thumbs:

Re: Year old Yeast

You can only go as fast as the yeast will let you. A learning process, which is good for us all... Let us know how it goes as it can help others too.

Re: Year old Yeast

Can you get replacement yeast elsewhere? This would be best. It is possible but will take some time to get this yeast built up to where it should be. I would add a week and at least a second starter and brew it next weekend... If you brew and pitch this weekend anyhow, realize fermentation will take...

Re: First try at using BIABacus - can I get another set of eyes to see if I did this right?

Thanks Pat. I did not put the B for Boil Only. That explains the problem. Didn’t know that we need to. What does S for Steeping do to the calculation? I used to steep but normally now just make the grain part of the mash. Easier and seems to work fine. But some of these grains have no diastatic powe...

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