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Batch 2 recipe report, to be brewed ~September '16. I have too much beer in the pipeline, but that's a problem I'm happy to deal with :) Main changes from batch 1 include: - zero minutes for the Sterling hop addition - lowered kettle efficiency to 70% - higher mash temp to try and hit a higher FG - ...

I find that a swamp cooler helps keep the temperature in check, within reason. I place my plastic carboy directly inside a shallow bath of water, and wrap it with a wet towel. For extra cooling, I place frozen cryopacks in the water bath, and recycle them with fresh ones at intervals. This method ke...

I've ruined beer with Nottingham too, so I know what you are talking about there Rick. Now I aim for the low end ale fermentation temps. In fact, am busy fermenting an English IPA with Nottingham at 64F. I was using liquid yeasts for most batches but have switched back to dry recently. Want to see h...

First tasting after 3 weeks in the bottle. I like what this yeast has done, and it sticks well to the bottom of the bottle. A nice, clean pour. I'll continue to use it for English style ales. On a side note, I only added the finely ground roasted barley at the start of temperature ramp up to mash ou...

Hi Mad_Scientist,

What temperature do you run your hop stand at? I.e. do you cool the wort down a bit before the hop stand addition?


Thanks Mally. Sounds like normal behaviour for S-04 then. Bottled this evening, after 12 days in primary @ 17C. OG: 1.056 FG: 1.020 Surprised by the higher than expected FG. Recipe stats from BCS has FG=1.016. Gravity sample certainly did not taste sweet, and in my experience the priming sugar may d...

Sorry PistolPatch, but have have never used it before. Was hoping to glean some wisdom from the gurus before I gave it a try. I have a recipe in mind where I may use it. When I do, I'll be sure to post back here with my opinion :peace:

I'll post back with my feedback in about 5 weeks from now. One more week in the fermenter, and 4 weeks in the bottle.


Safale S-04 - Fermentis

Hi, I've read numerous posts on this forum from members who've used S-04. I've used 5 other yeast strains to date, and S-04 is now the 6th. No other yeast has dropped out so quickly. What I mean is that high krausen only lasted a day, and then the surface was clear! I.e. no krausen but still plenty ...

Main thing for now, for me anyway, is what beer style you want to use it in and what you really want to achieve from it. I can only speak to the specific recipes I have brewed to date. Assuming that the maltodextrin powder imparts the claimed characteristics (and I'm not talking farts :) ), then th...

Hi Breaky,

How to Brew has flaked oatmeal listed as:
  • FGDB = 70%
  • Max ppg = 32
I feel this is close enough to the default in BIABacus to not have to worry with section Y. That said, there is no harm in overriding the default if you so wish.


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