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Getting in early to say ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS !!!

And to all members of, regardless of wether you celebrate Christmas, I wish for you a happy, healthy, safe and peaceful time with good will and peace for all.

Have a good one!

Thanks All for the wishes ...and my best to you as well!

Always great to drop in and see how the site is growing. With quality members comes quality advice and info and BIABrewer continues to go from strength to strength!

:salute: :thumbs:

I own it ...hard copy! Bought because it was "the recommended" beginner's bible. I love books about brewing, so I can't bag it outright, but I agree, it's not for the newbie brewer. I liked the chapters about recipes and working efficiencies, and the technical info on mash pH ... but, really if this...

I cut mine out of a sheet of ply was stuff I had laying around, but seems to do the trick. I also lined it with a foam gym mat (cheap from a discount shop) which I also use to insulate the kettle once mash temp is attained.

If your handy enough to jigsaw a circle its an easy solution.

Nice one, wiz! All the very best mate. :clap: :luck: I've only ever attempted a pils once before was this one . Very nice beer and great feedback ...pretty simple recipe also. Classic. Anyway, good luck with ...

Lucky the hosts were gracious and still gave the method due respect despite the poor representation. Plenty of better, more articulate BIABers in this big wide land!? I thought they could have invited Thirsty to comment given all his posting on Brewing Network!??? ...and yes, I'm nearly back! nearly...

Oh no Jimmy, you haven't bought the Blichman!!!! I hate to tell you this but I was one of the ones who bagged it and I certainly wasn't alone :). I actually gave mine away. It would have to be one of my worst brewing purchases ever.... .... Jimmy, as a fellow brewer who has taken many for the team,...

Hey jb, my kids bought me a Blichmann Beer Gun for my birthday. I haven't used it yet, but I'll let everyone know how it works. I've read other forums where they have been bagged.

I like your ingenuity ...I almost asked for a cf filler, but I thought the Blichmann looked cooler ;) :cool:

I started out no-chilling because I didn't have a wort chiller. It was a quick, cheap, easy way to store wort until I could pitch yeast.

...and it saves water!

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