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As hashie said, 81% should be achievable by all, but to discount any error in measurement etc it is best to get an average over 5 brews or so. If you follow your same methods then you should be able to repeat your efficiency.

Good to hear your on your way to biab brewing outofhand.
If you have a good girlfriend she will just make the bag for you. :lol: Needless to say I had to make my own :idiot: :lol:
Make sure you keep us up to date with your progress and your first attempt @ biab brewing.

+1 for a dipstick. The way I calibrated mine was to weigh out water in 2 litre amounts. 1 litre of water equals 1 kg. For every 2 L I put in the keggle I measured it with a 600mm rule then wrote down the measurement on a piece of paper, once I measured out the full amount and had all the measurement...

Congrats sg, Just remember not to get hung up to much on numbers, even after a few batches it still isn't essential unless you get some numbers that are wildly out. I'm sure it will turn out great. If you want some more feedback on your numbers just post up your estimated figures and what figures yo...

My mate did dry July, he had never drunk as much in a month as he did in dry July. I bloody sponsored him too! :angry: I guess it didn't help that he flew over from Perth to visit me during that month and I had kegs of homebrew! :lol:

Nice work BBH. I love seeing people's ideas for DIY from plans to finished products. That design is similar to what I've been building. So far I've made the main bench part, so I still have to make the pot and burner section as well as some shelves. I'll try and get some pics up if you would like. C...

Good poll hashie.
I voted for pale as it is what I drink most. I do enjoy trying all beers though but find I can only really drink 1 or 2 dark beers at a time (which isn't always a bad thing).
I have been brewing ambers lately and am enjoying the slightly darker beer.

cheers wiz

Interesting topic hashie. I went through these thought the other week when I did my NuptiAle (wedding brew). When I plugged my recipe into BS2 it told me I needed about 1.5 packet of us05. I stressed about it for a bit, tried to do some research, found way to many conflicting arguments and then I ju...

Going by your water info on the ez water calculator, I am fairly sure your water is in the soft range. Not as soft as water from Pilsen, but still on the soft side. I would probably brew with it straight out the tap and see how it goes and if you find any issues then start looking at salt additions ...

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