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196 day old yeast

Hi all,
I went to make a starter and checked the date on the wyeast packet to enter into mr malty and it says my yeast is dead with 0 cell count.
Is this correct?

Thanks Pistol, My apologies for poor wording, i use the biabicus but still call it the calculator ( some habits die hard ) Thanks for pointing that out, i think every fault or problem i have ever had with brewing has been because of not reading the information correctly, or not checking the box to t...

Missing 10 points

Hi all, I've just brewed the specialty saison from the brewing classis styles which suggests that I should end up with 1.070, however according to the calculator and in reality I ended up with 1.060. The grain bill is very simple at 5.67kg of Pilsner and 0.45kg of Munich. I did a double batch so fol...

Thanks for your replay PP,
I had heard the hop being used quite a bit on various videos and thought I'd like to try it.
I am quite open to beer styles, I've never had a bad beer yet :lol:
But now you have given me a choice of style I would say id like to try an IPA


Help with a starter

I'm sorry if this seems like a basic question but I cannot find the info I need. I have a packet of liquid yeast and I want to "step it up", so my questions are how. I know a standard starter is 1/2 dime and a cup of water, but does 24 hours and this solution make the equivalent of 2 billion cells? ...

bottling a choc stout

Hi all, Im about to bottle my first stout as i do enjoy a stout its not something i want on tap at this stage. I have never brewed or bottled a stout before and im using 270ml bottles. I was curious how much sugar i should use per bottle for a stout or how much for bulk priming? I have brewed 2 x 20...

Thanks PP that's the answer I was looking for, now my next question is I have 2 packets and my plan was to make a 2 litre starter with one pack for a 5 gallon batch, is this going to be enough given the lower ferment temp?

Thanks mate
I just rechecked the packet an it says to hold at 18-22 untill fermentation is strong, interestingly it doesn't offer an optimal range to work with on the packet so I did misunderstand.


wyeast 2565 kolsch

Hi all
I'm getting ready to pitch a lloydies kolsch and I decided to try the wyeast kolsch yeast
Anyway the advise given on this website wasnfo ferment at 15 but the wyeast packet says 18~22
anyway I thought I'd ask for feedback on this

Cheers in advance

Hi homemade
I was using a 50 litre keg and the same 4 ring burner with no problem, i have just upgraded to80litre pots and still using the same burner is working fine with 60 litres of wort


Ok took them back today and someone had stuck the wrong sticker to them, no probs they changed them over without question so im happy as. Fwiw i got them from hotel agencies In Melbourne on special for $135 ea They are aluminium 80 ltr stock pots, they might be cheap but they will do for now :party:...

Thanks Joshua, i have updated my profile. Has anyone used these urns? are they a concealed element? Also one other question the information advises to turn the urn off during the mash? my intent was to use an STC controller to control the mash temp, can anyone shed light on this. ( i was going to st...

A few urn questions

Hi all, I have been considering moving to a crown urn but have one question which the search feature couldnt help me with. I am curious how you deal with the hot break? In my current 50 litre keg the hot break come right to the top but can controlled with the gas controller but im concerned there is...

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