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Are you talking about the youtube vid stickied here by johnaberry? His oven is heated and maintained at 70C, it says... johnaberry mini-BIAB.jpg You could test it out with just water and see how it goes, so it's no worries on brew day. Exactly right. oven preheated and left on during mash. Tend not...

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Apologies if I have posted in wrong thread. Marstons Pedigree fermenting well. Just received Graham's book (Illustrated 3rd Edition 2014) Looks Excellent Thought i'd try the Courage Directors next i've put it into biabacus and i just wondered if someone could check it for me i would be most gratefu...

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One question you asked that I didn't see an answer to was regarding reusing the file. Yes. You can. No you shouldn't. If you only remove the things you put in, you are safe. But the file is a little fragile and opening a clean sheet is best. Disk space is cheap. Create anew. Now if there are things...

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Ah tits. Looks like I'll have to make a veil out of it, or something equally perverted. Voile...I will find you. Apologies, not had enough caffeine today. Joe If you have a Dunelm Mill near you pop in and get a length cut, it's good and cheap if not just order from their website, they send it out q...

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I think i saw someone doing a similat thing on youtub...i can't remind who it was. It sounds good, only that you need to use a secondary, any delay of the transfering it can get you off flavors from the trub, i think... I like to let it in the primary for a longer time (>7 days) so i wouldn't use y...

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Just wondering has anyone every made a "How to Video" for Mini or Maxi BIAB? I'm looking to get into this soon, mini seems fairly easy however I may struggle with the Maxi and a video would help not only me but probably heaps of others. Cheers Nick Here's my mini-BIAB vid

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Brewbagpoindog I use a large mashing bag which tbh is a bit small for my 19ltr pot but you can just buy a couple meters of voile curtain and use that, easily got on ebay and quite cheap

This post includes my YouTube vid showing how I do it

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Good luck with it, funnily enough I've literally just finished filling 14 bottles of what I've called Yellow Snow (Maris Otter + Citra hop SMaSH recipe). (BIABacus figures ended up being damn near exact as far as volumes now just need to tweak efficiency figure) :grin:

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