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Recirculating and boiling.

Sound eminently sensible..

I still have the pump so I might get back n to the swing before I get complicated. BTW I have a three ring burner for the pot and was wondering whether it and an adjustable reg would be ok the standard reg takes forever!


Recirculating and boiling.

I have been out of BIAB for a couple of years due to ill health, but I feel the time will be ripe after Xmas to start again. Just before I stopped I began recirculatingmy 70l pot with a small pump during mash to even out the temperature and it worked great and I was amazed how clear I could get the ...

I have been playing with the calculator :) I'm working on the basis of 20 litres in to cubes but calculating 21 litre batches which with the fermenter trub allowance takes me to 22.68 litres (I'll make up the 2.68 litres missing from the cube with started yeast and water). 22.68 litres is pretty clo...

Ahhh....daylight is dawning!!!!!!!!!!!! So with a 70 litre pot I can make a concentrated wort and just dilute in the cube/fermenter Though it looks like efficiency goes down as gravity goes up. But a 70 litre pot should do a comfortable double, and even a 60 litre triple ( and could be pushed to a 6...

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