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Re: Inkbird

As an update to the probe cable, I now have two fermenting fridges, and one freezer which I butchered into a keezer setup then changed to a fermenting/secondary conditioner. On all of these I’ve found that the probe cable going past the door seal is fine. On the fridges I also run a heating belt cab...

Re: Basic Stout

Thanks Scott. While I've repeated this a few times now I haven't put enough focus on water amounts, something BIABcus helped to pin down. Now I'll start playing with different hops and timings.

Basic Stout

My first attempt at using the recipe template, it's for one I've brewed a few times now without much thought to accuracy of water quantities. I've plugged it into the BIABacus (also first time to use that with intent) to see what the water quantities really should be and my next brew day will follow...

Re: Real Wort Starter?

I'm planning out two identical grain bills of Stout to ferment at the same time in separate F.Vs. both with Wyeast Irish Ale 1084. One Pride of Ringwood, the other Fuggles. I've only used a smack pack once before (whole thing all in), and wanted to split this one for the two starters using 1L of pos...

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