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How to see how easy BIAB is, Or why 3 vessel is not.

Here in Brazil the 3V is popular specially with people that have enough room for the equipment, with setups of 20L or more. Their focus is higher efficiency, around 70%. People like me, living in an apartment (or with an angry wife - not my case xD) and with 20L batches, the BIAB is the answer. The ...

My First Post! - Post here to become Fully Registered

Hi! Greetings from Brazil! I ended up here when I was looking for a diagram for a new grain bag and found out tons of other useful info here. I use a 7,5 L kettle (3,8 L bottled) and I'm increasing my batch to a 20 L kettle. I was going to change to a 2-vessel RIMS setup, but gave up as I live in an...

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