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Re: BIABacus Help

Hi Nick, Sections J thru R can be used after you brew. You can print a recipe report and create a check list (extreme right side of biabacus). I find these two items keep my brew day organized. Keeping notes to complete Sections J thru R will help evaluate your brew process. Refer to the Clear Brewi...

Re: BIABacus Help

Hi Nick, I hope my short answer helpful. EBC is the Lovibond value of your malt multiplied by 1.97. Lovibond value should be stated on the label if your malt is prepackaged, or in a home brew supply catalog, or the maltster's website. Crystal malt is easy to determine as in C60. 60L X 1.97 = 118.2 E...

Re: Lupulin Powder

The CRYO HOPS LupuLN2 samples given at HomeBrew CON last week are pellets not power. (not sure if powder is for commercial use or pressed into pellets) EKUANOT alpha: 22.8%, beta: 7.7% and SIMCOE alpha: 23.8%, beta:7.9%. CASCADE, CITRA, and MOSAIC will also be offered in this form. They are recommen...

Re: Raison D'Saison

In Section C: The Fermentable Bill, add to I'd Like to Try O.G. 1.056.
The Fermentable Bill quantities should adjust and in Section O: At Pitching
Expected Original Gravity: should change from 1.070 to 1.056.
I filled out the same recipe for my next brew and this seems to work.

Re: If You Are Having Strange Problems Registering or Logging In

I'm not remembered when opening email. Need to log in each time. When I enter user name, password, and mark remember me, I am not remembered. Each time I begin to enter info a password one character less than my current password fills in. This may be a previous password. Unable to reset current pass...

Re: Can someone clear up a yeast issue in Beersmith2 please?

The yeast package or manufacture date needs to be from the yeast package you will pitch from. Not from 2011. Ideally your yeast will be 1 or 2 months old. The yeast calculator at is easy to use and will give you an idea of how much yeast you will need. 

Re: Adjusting Water Profile

MS do you monitor pH at all or you know that it doesn't change?
My pH has been constant since I started monitoring 5 or 6 brews ago using test strips. Maybe test strips will be all I need using Bru'n Water.

SHETC I would like your opinion of the new meter.


Adjusting Water Profile

 Planning to use Bru'n Water to calculate my water profiles instead of  5.2 pH stabilizer. I will be using a carbon filter and will have Ward Labs analyze a filtered sample to input on Bru'n Water. 
Is this a reasonable method to treat my water?  
Which pH meters are popular?

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