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Re: 0 Minutes

I've just realised that this topic should have been in Hops and not in here.
Please could an administrator move it to hops.

Re: 0 Minutes

Thanx for the reply Shore Points, I do not cube the hot wort. The thought of handling hot wort seems dangerous to me, and the thought of putting hot wort into a plastic cube sends a shiver down my spine for health reasons (that is, hot liquid in plastic and the reaction plastic has) I've never timed...

0 Minutes

If I put hops in at o minutes, how long do I leave them in the wort.
I no chill my wort. ie I let it cool over night.

Re: Disaster

Thanx for the replies Scott and Mad-scientist. Scott, I've harvested yeast and stored it in glass jars turned upside down to prevent air getting in them. It also worked quite well but I would not store them for more than 3 weeks. (use in two weeks is better) Mad-Scientist, The slants were kept in th...

Re: Storing wort

Thank you for your replies Scott and Mad-scientist. Scott, I did not think of band-aid ester taste so I won't store the wort. It is not worth the risk. Also I do not like the idea of handling almost boiling wort and putting it in a cube for two reasons, To dangerous and hot wort in plastic is probab...


I don't want to scare anyone but:-

I went to great lengths to set up and store yeast in slants and I was painfully hygenic using A septic techniques.

I've just had to throw away 46 litres as it turned the wort into the worst thing imaginable.

I've given up trying to store yeast.

Storing wort

Does anyone ever store their unfermented wort for say 5 days until a yeast cake is ready.

Would I be able to store unfermented wort in a fermentaion vesel for 5 days in a chiller?

Petri Dishes

Do I need 3 vented or single vented or non vented petri dishes for yeast for brewing beer.

Also does anyone sanitise / sterilise Polystyrene Petri Dishes, If yes how do you do it?

Wheat in a British Ale.

Has anybody got a recipe or know of one that is a British ale with some wheat in it. Or should I just make my own recipe, say from a Timothy Taylor Landlord and add a certain percentage of wheat. Where I got this idea from was when I was in the Lake district in Cumbria England, the bloke behind the ...

Thanx for the replies. PistolPatch, I will definitely take your temperature/ striking and continued kettle heat rises into consideration and double check the weights. I will make another batch the same size but make it 5.5% alcohol strength and mix it pint bye pint. Bye the way when I really made a ...

HELLO Contrarian, You've hit the nail right on the head. Fortunately I started with a new 25 Kilo bag of Marris otter so I weighed it and I have only used 5.1Kg. I should have used 6.899kg No wonder the gravity is only 1.034. Bye the way I weighed an unopened 25kilo bag of Golden Promise and it weig...

Hello ShorePoints, Thank you for your reply. I raised the temperature to 70C and then put my bag in the strike water. Then I poured the grist and stirred it in a bit at a time. The strike water could not have been 70c but a little lower by the time I had put the bag in and started to pour the grist....


Attached is the BIABacus In my 100 Litre electric kettle I brewed a Bag End Bitter, here is the link. My problem is, The Gravity of Ambient Wort @ 20c = 68F was only 1.034 and the recipe requires an original gravity of 1.043 I mashed at 66c = 150.8F for...

Thanx for the reply Joshua, I've read quite a lot on Yeast harvesting and freezing the yeast and they all sanitise using boiling water and most use a pressure cooker. I would prefer to sanitise using a sanitising solution as you mentioned. So you think it will be ok to use a sanitising solution and ...

Thanx for the info Lumpy5oh.
So you make a starter let it ferment for a couple of days then cold crash it in the fridge. When do i know it has fermented enough?

So that's the trick. Top them with water to keep the oxygen out.
No wonder mine smelled eggy after only two months.
Thanx for the reply thughes.

In your reply thughes you said,
"fridge for 6 months" Do you mean fridge or freezer as I had jars in the fridge = chiller for 2 months and they started smelling eggy

Beachbum said "take a couple of days to work up to a pitchable quantity" I have a question:- When I come to use one of the vials what exactly is the process. It sounds as if you pitch the vial into a starter let it do its thing and then start all over again to increase the quantity. Is this correct....


I have harvested the yeast by putting some water in with the trub in the bottom of the fermenter. I have let it settle for 3 days and poured off the water from the top which leaves me with 3 glass jars containing 520g = 18oz in each jar. I have two questions:- If I add some glycerene to it can I fre...

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