Petri Dishes

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Petri Dishes

Post by Philip321 » 7 months ago

Do I need 3 vented or single vented or non vented petri dishes for yeast for brewing beer.

Also does anyone sanitise / sterilise Polystyrene Petri Dishes, If yes how do you do it?

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Re: Petri Dishes

Post by PistolPatch » 6 months ago

Hi Philip,

Short on time atm so haven't logged in for a bit. Only threads I'm going to read today are unanswered ones so, you are one of the two. Also, at time of writing, some members will not be getting Topic Reply Notifications via email so not sure if you will even see this?

Okay, I reckon your question needs lots more detail. I don't know much about propagating yeast but I do know a bit and the first question you have, I really don't understand so other readers probably don't as well.

A bit the same with polystrene petri dishes. Never heard of them and I don't have time to Google atm.

I reckon add pics on the four types of petri dishes you mention and add a lot more words to your question.

Hope you see this and do it as I have no idea on any of it and would love to learn!
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